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Designed for over 40 startups in 18 cities.

We act as an extension of your core team with our full-on design force. We keep an eye on the long term goals and lead product design down to the smallest task. Working with multiple startups, we position ourselves to always be in the know.  

If you’re in LA, stop by. Coffee’s on us.



From developers to marketing team, to biz dev people, we get to know your core team’s roles and strengths. In five years, we have successfully led an efficient workflow with teams in San Francisco, Istanbul, Melbourne, Dubai, Boulder, NYC… and more.


You won’t find any “yes men” here. We will listen to your goals and won’t hesitate to raise a discussion. It’s not about opinions, it’s about the product.


Good product is a constant work-in-progress. We listen, ask questions, measure, learn and let great design reveal itself in an iterative environment.


We take big data solutions, enterprise dashboards, multi-layered social network interactions, and we translate them into useful and usable experiences.  The bigger the challenge, the better.


They are not from another planet. We have worked with dozens of development teams, a wide range of skillsets and comfort levels. We’re focused on finding the common ground to establish an efficient workflow.


On top of our UX/UI expertise we are able to bring in our front end resources to support your dev team. Heck, we can even design in the browser and speed up your whole process.

Defining the process together

Emphasizing visibility, we make it our priority to lay the groundwork for an efficient workflow.
Together with your team, we pick the right tools to facilitate collaboration and open communication.

Fake Crow | Our Process

No Barriers

One fair monthly retainer

We make long term commitments with flat monthly rates.
Maximize efficiency among skill sets by distributing workload in our team.
Prioritize and expedite tasks without jeopardizing long term goals.
Bring flexibility to absorb peaks in the workload, calling up resources as needed.

We work with funded startups ready to take traction and innovation up a notch. Our pricing model is advantageous over managing a full-on design talent in-house, equity giveaways and recruiter fees.

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A few brands we made happy.

Soladyne Capital
Bocek Yapim
Deep 6

Don’t just take our word for it…

Discovix highly recommends Fake Crow and Alper Cakir’s services.
We tasked them with a highly complex, greenfield UX design for an enterprise dashboard in an entirely new industry, under a tight deadline.
Given these challenges, this could have been a recipe for disaster with many companies. Luckily, not with Fake Crow. They worked tirelessly to deliver a full enterprise-ready design to us, in a matter of days, and were very responsive to our feedback throughout the process. On top of that, their designs were intuitive, delightful and really captured the vibe of the project.

Wout Brusselaers - Advisor at Discovix

“They truly understand our software and continue to wow us with their suggestions and feedback as we work on each UI/UX design project. If you want a design agency that understands the need to design software in a way that it is beautiful, easy to use and intuitive for your customers, then look no further than FakeCrow.”

Owen McGab Enaohwo - Co-Founder of Sweet Process

“Alper and team are experienced designers who have an extraordinary grasp of how consumers think. Their designs are consistently creative, intuitive, and beautiful. Alper and team have the rare ability to create exceptionally high quality work at lightening fast speeds. They are always professional, working hard to meeting deadlines and staying within budget. Most importantly, they never cease to amaze us with their out-of-box thinking.”

Sheila Bijoor - VP of Product at Pintrips

“Working with Fake Crow has been an absolute pleasure. Not only do they produce high quality work, they are efficient, responsive, and manage to deadlines very effectively. They really work with you each step of the way and think of the product in great detail as if it were their own. Very creative, very intelligent, and very friendly group of people. I would recommend them to anyone – you will not be disappointed”

Sameer Khan - CEO at GrubRunner

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